Royale Chess Club


Max per account of 5 NFTs!

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The Royale Chess Club is a deluxe art project with the goal of capturing chess perfection on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition to landing in the crypto market, it’s pieces have been designed and thought to be usable on a real chessboard. As a matter of fact, each one of the material’s intention is to replicate a real existing material, they were made with great effort and that adds lots of realism to the composition. Don’t you lose the opportunity of being part of the first nft project from up-and-coming artist Essio Ranieri.

  • Pieces information
  • • Resolution: 1920x1920 pixels
  • • Format: mp4
  • • Frames Per Second: 50fps
  • • Video duration: 4 seconds
  • • Video frames: 200 frames
  • Click any piece to open it!

Who is Essio Ranieri?

Essio’s avatar holding the Royale Chess Club logo.

Essio Ranieri was born as a natural artist; even as a young child, he enjoyed drawing dinosaurs and spaceships. Additionally, he had always appreciated the collectionism of trading cards and sticker albums. He started producing 3d artworks in 2018 and his obsession with art led him to begin working in his first NFT collection, where he was able to create 264 handmade pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

    When the nfts will be revealed?Every piece will be revealed right away after it’s mint!
    How much will the minting price be?The minting price will be 0.01 ETH.
    Is there a Discord?In many nft projects, discord is a need, however in this case, we don’t believe having one is necessary. To offer suggestions, send us an email to:

    RoadmapThe goal of this collection is to provide the community with top - notch art. Since there are no DAOs or apps to deploy, the roadmap idea was dropped.
    Future projects for Essio?Essio Ranieri has numerous thoughts, but none of them are fully formed. For instance, he is thinking in a short cinematic film for the metaverse. His dream is to somehow make a movie within the crypto community.
    Will be there presale/allow minting list?No, the presale idea was dropped. Take part in the November the 14 open mint!
    What rights do I have in owning a Royale Chess Club Piece?
  • Every Royale Chess Club Piece is secured with ERC-721A contract. You have broad rights to use the art associated with your NFT. With a Royale Chess Club Piece (from now ’RCCP’) You can do any of the following:
  • Use the RCCP for your own personal, non-commercial use;
  • Use the RCCP when you’re on a marketplace that allows the purchase and sale of your RCCP, so long as the marketplace cryptographically verifies that you are the owner;
  • Use the RCCP when you’re on a third party website or app that allows the inclusion, involvement, or participation of your RCCP, so long as the website/app cryptographically verifies that you are the owner, and the RCCP art doesn’t stay on the website/app after you’ve left;
  • Use the RCCP to commercialize your own merchandise, provided that you aren’t earning more than $100,000 in revenue each year from doing so.
  • Where can I find other works by artist Essio Ranieri?TwitterInstagramTikTok
    What are the official collection links for Royale Chess Club?The opensea link is not yet available!

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